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Week 1: Exercise, singing and lessons

My very first week of the challenge, and I really thought it was going to be hard to find something new to do. I was wrong.  First cab of the rank was a Zumba class. I had always wanted to give Zumba a go – shaking my booty for exercise has always sounded like a great way to get active and shift some weight. The class was conducted outdoors in the botanical gardens, and better yet, it was free! No paying $15 or getting sweaty inside a gym. Happy days. I had a lot of fun shaking my stuff in the botanical gardens, and the class left me feeling fabulous for the rest of the evening. Brilliant. And new item accomplished on day 2 of the challenge. High 5 for me.

The very next day I was asked to take part in a casual 5.8km run with a local running group. I checked my diary (I don’t know why, there isn’t a whole lot in it these days). Turns out I didn’t have plans, and it was a new experience for my list so I thought – why not give it a go?  And give it a go I surely did.  Note to self: always remember to warm up before running. My lordy did my calves hate me after the run. They protested for days afterward. Oh well, no pain no gain they say, and despite the pain I enjoyed the run. Chalk up experience 2 for the week.

The day after the run (etched in my mind as the day of the screaming calves) I was invited to partake in another physical activity – CrossFit. I agreed before looking up what CrossFit actually entailed. Hmmm, note to self: find out what you are signing up for BEFORE signing up for it! Reading the website I found the following quote:

CrossFit is the principal strength and conditioning program for many police academies and tactical operations teams, military special operations units, champion martial artists, and hundreds of other elite and professional athletes worldwide.

Um, ok, great. That sounds fun and easy then. Not at all nervous about participating at all! I was feeling grateful that I had only signed up for the beginners class. And in all honesty, after doing bootcamp for the previous 12 weeks it really wasn’t all that hard. In fact, I (almost) whipped CrossFit’s butt. I did, however, get carpet burn on my bum from the class. Not the outcome I was hoping for really.

By now I was up to 3 new things in the space of 3 days when a fourth was lobbed my way. This time an invite to a singer I had never heard of in a bar I hadn’t been to since I was 18. I was missing going to gigs so I jumped at the opportunity. And I am glad I went. Great music and a fun night out with an old friend (sorry Ems, old as in long time, not old as in age).

All in all this was a great start to the challenge and a really enjoyable week. I did get to thinking, though, “did I just use up 3 weeks worth of new activities in one week?”

Introspection time-out – what did I learn this week from these new experiences?

I learnt that Zumba was a bit of fun and a good way to let out the inner goddess by shaking your (insert body part here) like you just don’t care.

I learnt the importance of warming up. Sometimes we want to skip the boring part and get straight to the main event. However, this can have effects later down the track that are not all that pleasant. Better to take the time at the beginning, than suffer the consequences of your inaction later. Such a deep meaning to get out of a run don’t you think?

I learnt that sometimes it is a good thing to not look at the fine print before signing up for something, or you could psyche yourself out of it and miss out on some thing new and fun. Now, if that something involves a lot of money, or a life-changing situation, then the fine print is something you definitely should read. But for the smaller things in life, we can waste so much time looking things up and hesitating that we don’t end up doing half the things we could do. Yes, I got all of this out of an invitation to, and participation in, a  CrossFit class – you can find meaning in almost anything!

I learnt that saying yes to something, even when you have no idea what that something might be or sound like (in this case Ash Grunwald), can turn out to be a lot of fun. It is all a matter of how you look at things in life. Approach life with a sense of fun, and life will be fun. Approach it with negativity, and negativity you will get.

And with that thought I will sign off for the week.

Until next time… ‘Live life with no regrets’.

Picture of the carpet in the gig venue – it was too good not to share!