Get creative

I am always looking for inspiration for new challenges. I may regret saying this, but here goes: please feel free to provide your ideas, thoughts or suggestions on new things that I could do as part of my 52-week challenge. Things that I can actually do and write about on my blog (i.e. nothing too risqué or plain ridiculous).

  1. I would like to challenge you to cooking a roast lamb dinner. Something I’m craving for these days (so difficult and expensive to buy a leg of lamb in Holland). The conditions are: no gravy powder from a tin (make it using the meat dripping); no pre-marinated meat; no pre-cut veggies, and no use of a microwave. Good home cooking. Are you up for the challenge? Good luck!!

  2. I am up for the challenge! And as you know, this will be a massive challenge for me given that I don’t cook, and if I do, it is generally in some kind of packet form. This shall be interesting. Now to find some poor wee guinea pigs on which to test the result…! Stay tuned for the outcome and thanks for the suggestion!

  3. Enter a day of silence, no talking no reading no writing or using anything powered by electricity. This is so hard to do you won`t believe until your a few hours in. No alcohol or drugs of any type are allowed this includes coffee. Just water and food that wont need any electrical equipment to prepare.
    So using your phone, talking, reading, writing, driving a car or watching tv is not allowed. This task will test you alright if your bored now wait for the day of silence. You may be mentally drained after it so prepare yourself, but some good may come of it and you may memorize more items for your bucket list or your mind can open different pathways you never imagined before. If you cheat your just cheating yourself and you will know it.

  4. Thanks for the suggestion Matt. That sounds incredibly challenging, especially for a person who is addicted to caffienne and who loves to talk! I do like the idea though and will look to do this challenge in the new year. I will need to work up to it I think as it does sound a bit scary! I can imagine the rewards from doing it though and I really appreciate you taking the time to suggest it. I will update you on when I decide to do it and how I go 🙂 Thanks again for the suggestion.

  5. A few ideas for you:
    How about posing for a life drawing class or taking part in one?
    Write an article for the Newsmail?
    Drag racing (legal of course)?

    If you are really keen to do something new (and spend at least one day in silence you might like to try:

    • Oh thanks Cholena, I am loving these ideas. I have written an article for the Newmail (for work) but I haven’t done the others. Definitely will be going on my list of things to do. I looked up the link as well – that is always something I have wanted to try but never have. Will be looking into it in the New Year. Thanks for pointing me in the direction of where I can find out the information. Great suggestions – thanks for taking the time to think of some ideas and post them. I really do appreciate it. Now to find a life drawing class in Bundy….

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