Monthly Archives: October 2013

About time for an update!

Ok, I realise it has been quite some time since I have updated this blog. I could provide any number of reasons for why this is so – from life-changing events, to long hours at work, to sorting out my life, to having difficulty finding the words to describe particular events. But really, these are all poor excuses. Yes they are all true facts, but the fact still remains that I have had times in the intervening months where I have been sitting on the couch not doing much of anything; times when I could have been updating this blog.

The simple fact of the matter is that I have been slack with my updating. BUT the good news is I have not been slack with completing the challenge I set for myself. No siree Bob! While I might not have been writing about them, I have been doing a challenge a week as I vowed to do when I set out on this journey.

And I thought now was as a good a time to get back into writing this blog because today marks one year since I committed to undertaking this 52-week challenge. Yes, one year ago today I decided that enough was enough and I needed to shake my world up a bit. And shake it up I certainly have!

In the past year I have had so many new experiences and done so many things that I never thought I would or could. I have pushed myself to my limits and come out the other side. I have raised money. I have helped others. I have renewed friendships. I have met new people. I have inadvertently provided the impetus to others to undertake their own challenges. And I have learned a lot about myself and others.

The support and encouragement I have received over this past year was something that I never expected when I started this challenge. In doing this challenge I have come to realise more and more how blessed I am to be surrounded by such wonderful people. This challenge has given me more than I ever dreamed it would. And I am looking forward to updating this blog with all of my adventures.

But the updating will have to wait another few weeks because my final challenge is about to commence. And this is the biggest challenge of them all.

Let me give you a hint:

“Dr Livingston I presume”

If your thoughts turned to Africa then you are 100% on track. Yes, in less than 38 hours I will be boarding a plane bound for East Africa where I will be going on safari! For 15 days I will be travelling through Kenya and Tanzania chasing the ‘Big 5’ and then some; visiting with native Tribes; and exploring the vastness of these countries. This is something that I have had in the back of my mind to do for many years; in fact, back in 2008 I had booked myself on a safari through Southern Africa. Unfortunately I had to cancel this trip; and I never managed to work up the courage to book another. Until now.

What makes this trip all the more interesting is that it will involve camping. For those who know me well, this is hilarious. You see, I am not a camper. No way. No how. My idea of camping has always been a 3-star hotel. So I am leaping right out of my comfort zone and into the African wilderness with lions and tigers and hippos (oh my). No hairdryer. No jewellery. No hot water. Sometimes no electricity. In a tent. In a sleeping bag. Surrounded by the animals of Africa. This is big. This is HUGE. And I am excited and petrified in equal measure.

When I come back from my trip I am committed to updating this blog. I have so many adventures and stories to tell and I am looking forward to sharing them all. There are adventures with A-list Hollywood stars, adventures involving physical exertion, adventures at great heights, adventures in deep water, adventures with work, adventures involving the mundane, and so many many more. There are some great highs, and there are also some lows. It has been a big year. And I look forward to taking you all on the rollercoaster ride that has been my life as I have completed the challenge I set for myself one year ago.

So stay tuned because come the end of October I will be back with a vengeance on this blog! In the meantime, remember:

“You have brains in your head.
You have feet in your shoes.
You can steer yourself any direction you choose.
You’re on your own.
And you know what you know.
And YOU are the one who’ll decide where to go…” –
Dr. Seuss, Oh, the Places You’ll Go!